Zirconia Beads Grinding Media production process

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Chemical Zirconia Beads Grinding Media: Chemical Zirconia Powder (CZ, CZE, CYZ) and Zirconium Hydroxide (ZHO) are chemically extracted from zirconium oxychloride (ZOC)
The advantages of developing and manufacturing Zirconia Beads Grinding Media powders
High chemical purity
Stable particle size distribution: average particle diameter (D50) ranging from several hundred micrometers to less than 1 micrometer (e.g., 0.3 micrometers)
Specific surface area: large specific surface area, up to 250m2 / g.
Dopants: Dopants can be added to modify and improve performance
 - Crystal structure: The addition of magnesia or yttria stabilizes zirconia in the tetragonal or cubic phase, pure zirconia is monoclinic
- Surface properties: Comparison of area, porosity, acidity
- Ceramic final color: ceramic products of various colors

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