Types of Zirconia Beads and Correct Use Methods

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Types of Zirconia Beads and Correct Use Methods

Zirconia beads implement the domestic industry standard system, using 3mol% yttrium oxide as a stabilizer, and have the characteristics of high purity, high strength, high density, strong acid and alkali resistance, low abrasion, and minimal wear to the equipment. It is especially suitable for the dispersion and grinding of battery raw materials, silicon powder, electronic slurry, ceramic powder, magnetic materials, pesticides, medicine and food, etc. by sand mills.

Zirconia beads classification

There are many classifications of zirconia beads, but only the following are really suitable for grinding machines: yttrium stabilized zirconia beads, cerium stabilized zirconia beads, 80 zirconium beads and zirconium silicate beads.

(1) Yttrium stabilized zirconia beads Since the zirconia content of this type of zirconium beads is approximately 95%, they are also commonly referred to as "95 zirconium" or "pure zirconia beads". It uses rare earth yttrium oxide as a stabilizer, and uses high-whiteness and high-fineness raw materials to ensure non-polluting materials. Such zirconium beads are suitable for sand mills.

(2) Stabilized zirconia beads. Since the zirconia content of this type of zirconia beads is approximately 80%, the cerium stabilized zirconia beads are the higher density of all zirconium series zirconium beads, plus the characteristics of this type of zirconium beads , This kind of zirconia beads is particularly suitable for grinding and polishing.

(3) 80 zirconia beads 80 zirconia beads contain approximately 80% zirconia, so they are usually called "80 zirconium". It has better grinding characteristics, making it highly cost-effective. It has been widely used in all walks of life.

(4) Zirconium silicate beads The zirconium oxide content of zirconium silicate beads is approximately 65%, so it is often called "65 zirconium". The zirconium silicate beads are made by the advanced technology of titration in the electrolyte and high-temperature baking and phasing. There are no pores and cavities in the beads. The medium density and hardness are suitable for the grinding of medium and low viscosity slurry.

The correct use of zirconia beads

After we choose the zirconia beads, how to use them correctly to avoid the crushing of the zirconia beads and to extend the life of the grinding media and the contact parts of the sand mill as much as possible.

(1) Try to avoid turning on the grinder in a dry state, causing unnecessary loss of beads and accessories.

(2) Zirconia beads of different brands or types cannot be mixed.

(3) Try to avoid the mixed use of large and small zirconia beads.

(4) Zirconia beads are a kind of consumable. In order to protect the equipment and ensure a good grinding efficiency, the sand mill needs to be checked regularly and the zirconia beads should be screened and added regularly.

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