Stainless Steel Grinding Ball

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Stainless Steel Grinding Ball

1. Introduction of stainless steel grinding ball

It is a commonly used application in the process of stainless steel processing and is widely used for abrasive tools. Its balls are hardware, instruments, plastics, etc., manufacturing processes, and samples. In terms of grinding, mixing and mixing ability, it also has good grinding effect, grinding degree, price and other properties, as well as various brittleness and good grinding degree. Ball mills and mills such as ball mills, stirring mills, vibrating ball mills, and ultra-fine mills.

Second, the characteristics of stainless steel grinding ball

1 Generally non-magnetic, but it will be magnetic and demagnetized after passing through the photosphere, HRC≤26.

2. It has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

3. Good surface, surface.

4 Suitable for raw materials, cost-effective

3. Specifications of stainless steel grinding balls

Diameter Φ1mm-Φ30mm (special requirements can be customized)

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