Roller Ball Mill

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Roller Ball Mill


1. The machine runs smoothly, with high efficiency and energy saving, low noise and no pollution;

2. It can be used for dry and wet grinding, can handle materials of various hardness, and can be used for coarse and fine grinding or for mixing materials;

3. With automatic discharge model, the material and the ball can be automatically separated, and the discharge is extremely convenient;

4. With protective jacket, the material has high purity and low pollution;

5. Anti-wear, high grinding efficiency;

6. Alloy steel, stainless steel, high wear-resistant polyurethane, corundum ceramic, zirconia and other linings can be selected, and the model can be selected according to the user's output;

The experimental roller ball mill is also called the laboratory drum ball mill. It is a kind of ball mill model with flexible operation, reliability and compact design. It can easily and accurately enlarge the experimental results to the production model. It is mainly used for crushing, grinding, It is designed to disperse and emulsify metal, non-metal, organic, Chinese herbal medicine and other powders, and is especially suitable for laboratory research. Roller compaction achieves the purpose of crushing, grinding, dispersing and emulsifying materials.

Performance characteristics:

Roller ball mills are suitable for grinding various ores and other materials, and are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. Tubular ball mills can be divided into dry ball mills and wet ball mills. According to the discharge method, the tubular ball mill can be divided into grid type and overflow type.

The tubular ball mill is composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotating part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other main parts. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, the inner lining can be removed and replaced, and the large rotary gear is processed by casting gear hobbing. The machine runs smoothly and works reliably.

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