Properties and Uses of Alumina Media

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Specific industrial processes require specific types of grinding media. KINGDA CERAMIC helps companies to source the products that they need to really be competitive with these kinds of milling processes. With a wide range of media from diverse materials, we can help make sure our clients benefit from the best precision tools and resources available to them.

Alumina Materials 
KINGDA CERAMIC offers a variety of 
alumina media. Different sets of materials have different amounts of alumina in them, starting with a composition called mullite with 45 percent to 70 percent alumina. Mullite is less dense than other kinds of alumina products. Get beads, satellites, or cylinders for industrial use.

KINGDA CERAMIC has high 92 percent alumina. This may be a little more abrasive, but can stand up better to wear. Standard alumina comes in beads, satellites, and cylinders.

They have more density, and higher purity alumina can be more brittle. There’s also toughened alumina, which is designed for high fracture resistance.

 Properties of Alumina 
Alumina grinding balls or cylinders can be effective in reducing contamination in a grinding environment. Alumina products are generally non-toxic and corrosion resistant. They’re also non-porous, which can ensure specific kinds of integrity in process. Some kinds of alumina media are temperature resistant, which helps to increase grinding time capability.

1. Corrosion Resistance – Alumina media is resistant to corrosion and abrasion, so it can be used in corrosive chemicals, acids, and salts.

2. Heat Resistance – Alumina oxide balls maintain stability at temperatures up to 3,180ºF.

3. Strength – Alumina is a very hard material (Hv 1700) that is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and heat.

4. Surface Area – Alumina has a very high surface area to weight ratio because of how porous it is.

5. Economical – Alumina is an extremely high value material and affordable for solving a wide variety of problems.

Using Alumina Grinding Media 
Specially engineered types of alumina grinding media can stand up to continuous wear. Atough, nonporous surface is resistant to chipping, and other things such as damage by extreme pH values. Many of these high design materials are also non-magnetic and non-conductive. Alumina products can be used for wet or dry milling, and for fine grinding processes.

1. Labs – Alumina media is commonly used in planetary ball mills, jar mills and attritors to grind materials down to very minuscule sizes. Because of its non-reactivity and resistance to corrosion, alumina media is perfect for grinding dangerous chemicals and materials for use in tests.

2. Industrial Mixing/Dispersion - In industrial mixing and dispersion, powders or soluble materials are incorporated into a liquid or powder. Alumina grinding media is used to grind down the material in a ball mill before it is placed in the dispersion tank. This allows the material to be more easily incorporated into the liquid or powder. This is good for making pigments, paint, ink, and epoxy resins.

Alumina media are ceramic balls used for grinding materials in a ball mill. The ground materials are then ready to be placed in a dispersion tank and incorporated into a liquid or can also be mixed into a dry material. This type of grinding media is used in manufacturing paint, ink, epoxy resins, and in water treatment plants. Alumina media is also used in a special, smaller type of ball mill called a planetary ball mill. This type of mill is used in labs to grind sample material down to very small sizes. The smaller the grinding balls, the smaller the final product will be.

Alumina is a good grinding media for use in ball mills of all kinds because of its durability, strength, and non-reactivity.

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