Planetary Ball Mill

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Planetary Ball Mill

Planetary ball mill is an essential device for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparation, nanomaterial dispersion, new product development and small batch production of high-tech materials. The product is small in size, full in function and high in efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research units, colleges and universities and enterprise laboratories to obtain microparticle research samples (four samples can be obtained at the same time in each experiment). Equipped with a vacuum ball mill, it can be used in Grind the samples under vacuum.

Widely used in geology, mining, metallurgy, electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, beauty, environmental protection and other departments, such as: electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, magnetic materials, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, catalysts, fluorescence Powder, long afterglow luminous powder, rare earth polishing powder, electronic glass powder, fuel cell, ceramic capacitor, zinc oxide varistor, piezoelectric ceramic, nanomaterial, wafer ceramic capacitor, MLCC, thermistor (PTC, NTC), ZnO varistor, arrester valve plate, strontium titanate ring varistor, ceramic filter, dielectric ceramic, piezoelectric transducer, piezoelectric transformer, chip resistor, thick film circuit, focal potentiometer, alumina ceramic, Zirconium oxide ceramics, phosphor powder, zinc oxide powder, cobalt oxide powder, Ni-Zn ferrite, Mn-Zn ferrite and other products production fields and other industries.

Planetary ball mill is designed for crushing, grinding, dispersing metal, non-metal, organic, Chinese herbal medicine and other powders, especially suitable for laboratory research. Strong shearing, impacting and rolling can achieve the purpose of crushing, grinding, dispersing and emulsifying materials. The planetary ball mill is equipped with four ball mill jars on the same turntable. When the turntable rotates, the ball mill jar revolves around the turntable axis and rotates around its own axis, making a planetary motion. The grinding balls in the jar collide with each other in high-speed motion, grinding and mixing the sample. The product can grind and mix products with different particle sizes and materials by dry and wet methods, and the minimum particle size of the ground products can be as low as 0.1 micron. It can well realize various process parameter requirements. At the same time, due to its advantages of small batch, low power consumption and low price, it is the first choice for schools, research units and companies to conduct research on crushing technology, new materials and coatings.

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