How to load a appropriate grinding media on a sanding mill

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We will give a brief introduction and analysis on this issue, how to choose the appropriate grinding media:

1. According to the size of the grinding particle size of the material, the finer the material needs to be grind, we should choose a heavier grinding media at the same speed to obtain more energy to achieve our desired effect. Such as yttrium stabilized zirconia beads or cerium stabilized zirconia beads.

2. If you only need mixing and stirring, then you can choose zirconium silicate balls or zirconium aluminum composite balls which are relatively cheap and have a lower specific gravity.

3. If the customer needs to distinguish specific gravity of the ball, at this time you need to choose the zirconium aluminum composite ball.

 How can we determine their filling levels after choosing the right grinding media? Here we give you a little advice. According to our many years of experience, if you choose a horizontal sand mill with a filling amount of about 70% -80%, a vertical sand mill with a filling amount of 50% -60%. The basket sand mill is filled at 40% and we have the following formula:

Sand mill effective filling amount (* filling rate) * specific gravity of grinding medium = quantity of required product.

Deciding how to choose your ball size in the future is also important. Because there are many factors related to your equipment safety and grinding effect. It is generally recommended that customers choose the size of the ball to be 2-3 times that of the sander screen.

The above are personal opinions and views. The specific grinding methods are set differently according to customer needs. Hope everyone can communicate with each other!

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