Fill Your Bead Mills/Sand Mills, with the World’s Most Advanced Ceramic Media

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KINGDA Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia might just be the perfect grinding media for your bead milling process with competitive price.


Why? Because these ceramic balls allow you to flip the power switch, turn your mills on, and forget about your bead mills until the job is done.


KINGDA Yttrium is a ceramic bead that is engineered to stand up to your most demanding applications. Due to their advanced zirconium oxide properties, this is the hardest, most wear resistant, and most durable ceramic grinding media on the market. They are high-density, and resistant to virtually all acids, alkali, and chemicals. And they can last up to nearly 8 times longer than Zirconium Silicate beads.


The more you use KINGDA Yttrium stabilized Zirconium Grinding Media Beads/Balls, the more amazed you’ll be by the impressive results your sand/bead mills achieve—and by how little you have to worry about your media milling.


The high quality grinding media can make your life better.

Let us help you find what you need.

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