Detailed parameters and uses of cerium stabilized zirconia beads

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Cerium Stabilized Zirconia Beads

 Cerium stabilized zirconia beads are also called cerium zirconium beads, CZC60, cerium stabilized zirconia beads are widely used in the grinding industry, and have become a standard grinding medium in the grinding industry. In industries that require ultrafine particles to be pulverized and dispersed, Cerium stabilized zirconia beads are representative of the grinding media. Cerium stabilized zirconia beads are characterized by high efficiency, high strength, and high wear resistance.

1)The characteristics of cerium stabilized zirconia beads

1. The cerium-stabilized zirconia beads have high density, which is more effective for grinding high-viscosity materials.

2. High wear resistance

3. The color is brown, and the cerium stabilized zirconia beads are easier to identify

4. High grinding efficiency

5. Good chemical stability, does not react with most chemical liquids, and will not be corroded

6. The surface is smooth, the inside and the outside are the same, it is convenient to clean, and the abrasion is small

7. Little difference in particle size

8. Sinocerium stabilized zirconia beads combine the above advantages to achieve the goal of saving costs and increasing output.

2)The suitable mill for cerium stabilized zirconia beads 

1.Large-capacity vertical mill

2. Horizontal sand mill

3)Applicable materials

1. Due to the high density of cerium stabilized zirconia beads, it is suitable for grinding calcium carbonate for paper coating.

2. When the abrasives and materials are brown, the material will not be polluted when grinding titanium dioxide.

3. The high-density cerium-stabilized zirconia beads are suitable for high-viscosity materials such as paints and inks, and have high crushing and dispersion efficiency for high-viscosity.

4. The grinding efficiency of agricultural chemicals, pesticides, pigments and fuels is relatively high.

5. Medicine, electronic materials, magnetic materials, food, etc.

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