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CeO2 Ceria Stabilized Zirconium Beads/balls Laboratory And School Use

Material: 80% ZrO₂ +20% CeO₂
Specific Density: ≥5.95 g/cm³
Size: 0.4-3.0mm


Product Introdution:

Cerium stabilized zirconia grinding the proportion of referrals is the grinding of zirconia referred the largest (based on customer needs the production of products 6.0 g/cm3), from the dynamics in terms of (EC = 1/2mv2) if the use of cerium polishing equipment stabilized zirconia grinding can be referred to a larger impact energy, thereby enhancing production efficiency; especially for high viscosity or abrasive products with high solid and easier to show its advantages. The low viscosity of the product, as a result of the option at a fixed volume of the smaller Ce-stabilized zirconia abrasive grinding surface area increased referrals, and then grinding to obtain better results.



Micro-structure of delicate, uniform, dense ceramics of the Quartet, it has a gem-like hardness and density, is a series of grinding all the zirconium-mediated a most Shen. Its excellent wear resistance and fracture toughness is particularly suited for high-solid-phase high-viscosity, high hardness of the paste for grinding and dispersion of pure; good match at the same time high input energy and the high shear machine sanding.

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