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80% Zirconia Oxide Polishing And Grinding Beads/Balls

Material: 95% ZrO₂+5% Y₂O₃
Specific Density: ≥6.02 g/cm³
Size: 0.1-50mm
Model Number: KD-ZR


● Introduction

Zirconia toughened alumina grinding beads supplied by Duratec is popular among the customers, due to its low wear loss, it always used as grinding media,Its widely used in various industries like medicine, food, cosmetics, paints, textiles,Structural Ceramics, Electronics Ceramics, Magnetic material, Metallurgy, printing and dyeing, pigment etc.



At room temperature, it has the advantages of high strength and toughness, high density, good wear resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance, high stiffness, non-magnetic conductivity, electrical insulation, thermal expansion coefficient close to steel and so on. At 600 degree , the strength and hardness are almost the same.

(1) The grinding efficiency is high

(2) Good liquidity: the product has good roundness and smooth surface, and the wear of the equipment is lower than that of other grinding media.

(3) Impact resistance, low wear: good toughness, in high speed, high concentration of the machine does not crack, open peeling.

(4) Low cost of use: the selection of this product will certainly bring you such as medium wear, power consumption, labor, equipment and other comprehensive cost reduction, product quality will be greatly improved.

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